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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Stoners

Roses are red, violets are blue. 

You’re a huge stoner, and your lover is too.


It’s almost February, and Cupid’s arrow is coming for ya with a friendly reminder to scheme up something special for that special someone. This year, we invite you to think outside of the basic chocolate box and instead, step inside of the hot box with us for a Higher Celebration this Valentine’s Day. 


Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for stoner couples on the prowl for a very enjoy-a-bowl evening:


Prove that love is a joint effort


But really, it is. It takes a LOT of effort to roll these ridiculously awesome Tulip Joints. This crafty concoction is most popular in Amsterdam- the land of vibrant tulips and glorious cannabis cafes. However, it’s been becoming more popular in the U.S. CannaChronicle even broke it down into five steps to creating your very own Tulip Joint bouquet. It takes a lot of finesse and patience to pull this off. But don’t worry, you have plenty of experience with that. After all, you are in a relationship.  


If you aren’t the rolling master you thought you were, let the professionals at The Perfect Petal take the reigns. They won’t roll you a Tulip Joint, but they will design a gorgeous arrangement that’s sure to smoke the cliche roses you almost bought at Walgreens. All you have to do is bring a few dazzling nugs from the dispensary down the street into the flower shop, and the florists at The Perfect Petal will work their magic, lacing bouquets of lilies, roses or carnations with your pick of Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush or whatever your little stoner heart desires. 

Diamonds aren’t really a girl’s best friend


Well, at least for now they aren’t. Especially when you can wear real cannabis leaves dipped in gold around your neck. (I mean, come on.) The aficionados at CannaCentrix have revived the art of Cannalchemy, an intricate process that entails solidifying and preserving the cannabis leaf in precious metals. From Purple Punch earrings to Platinum OG necklaces, these prized possessions might cost you a pretty penny, but they’re a heck of a lot more interesting than having breakfast at Tiffany’s. 


Shall we shag now or shag later?


Austin Powers obviously hasn’t tried Foria’s Natural Arousal Oil. If he had, he would know the answer is... BOTH. This intimate massage oil is made up of a multi-aphrodisiac blend and broad-spectrum CBD, guaranteed to make things a little more interesting in the bedroom. 


If you’re on the fence, Quim has just the thing to get you there with their OH YES! Latex-Safe Serum, a fast-acting, cannabis-infused serum designed to enhance sensation and have you saying….well, you can probably guess. 


Now, it’s time to spoon


By that, we mean top off your night with Coda Signature’s Chocolate on a Spoon. If you weren’t in a state of bliss before, one sip of this THC infused hot cocoa is sure to do the trick. All you have to do is stir up a cup of hot milk with your Chocolate on a Spoon, relax and wonder how you’ll ever be able to drink regular hot chocolate again.


Alright, love birds! Now that we’ve given you a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for stoners, go forth and make your holiday anything but basic, with a Higher Celebration you and your partner will never forget!




The BirthJays Team 

One step away from lighting up the party! 🥳🔥


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