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The History of 420: How “Where’s Waldo” Contributes to the Holiday’s Origin Story

If you’re a regular at cannabis events, chances are, you’ve witnessed quite a few ridiculous sights requiring a double-take, or a quick self-check-in to measure how stoned you accidentally got before entering the expo floor. Maybe you saw a celebrity strolling by who recently got into the game, the world’s largest bong at Cannabition in Las Vegas, or the joint-smoking dog Wilfred who you only thought was only a figment of Elijah Wood’s imagination. Or, maybe it’s something that really takes you back in time. For instance, remember the red striped cartoon you used to spend hours trying to spot in a sea of people when you were a kid? His name was Waldo. And every time you found him on the page of a book, your excitement was uncontrollable. If you’ve spotted a Waldo (in male or female form) at an event recently, you’re not alone. It started with one Waldo, but now, if you’re lucky, you might encounter two or even three Waldos at any given time. Overwhelming? Yes. Amazing? Also, yes. 

When one approaches a Waldo in its natural habitat, one will learn that it is none other than... yours truly, in the flesh, spreading the joy of BirthJays and bringing smiles to all of your beautiful faces! It’s our duty as Waldos to make your cannabis experience fun and memorable. We bring you back to a simpler time, when Sunday mornings were for cartoons and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal, instead of hangover headaches, walks of shame, and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles OG. 


However, sparking joy by reverting you back to your simple childhood days isn’t our only motivation as Waldos. There’s actually a bigger story behind our attire that goes back to the year 1971……

The O.G. Waldos were five stoner students at San Rafael High School who were often found hanging out by a wall outside of their school (hence their nicknames.) Every day at a very particular time, after all of their extracurricular sporting activities came to a close, the Waldos would meet by the school’s Louis Pasteur statue for a hot box sesh, followed by a special daily treasure hunt. The group got a hold of a treasure map supposedly leading to a Coast Guard member’s abandoned cannabis plant. Despite their efforts, the group of Waldos never found what they were looking for. But this particular time of day, when they would get together in search of the mysterious plant, would go down in history as the special time dedicated to stoners everywhere. Of course, the time we are referring to is the one, the only, 4:20.


The Waldos brought the term 420 to the stoner community via their many connections to the band members and family members of the Grateful Dead. After spending countless shows backstage constantly using the phrase while passing joints, bongs, and bowls, it’s no surprise that a reporter from High Times eventually caught wind of the Waldos’ term, bringing it to the masses.

It brought us great joy to discover that the history of 420 didn’t stem from some lame police code for marijuana, but instead, we have a group of hooligans to thank, who, much like us, just like to hang back, relax and celebrate the comradery of the plant together in their own way. 

However, it brought us even greater joy to find out that in 2020, we have the ENTIRE MONTH of April to celebrate this unique holiday. With this jaw-dropping realization, the Waldos at Higher Celebrations decided to concoct a massive collaboration that will go down in 420 history.  We’re involving 20 brands and 20 giveaways leading up to the big day, so stay tuned for all of the dirty details! 

Til’ next time, friends!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Waldos


[ P.S. If you are interested in participating in our 4/20 campaign, contact our brilliant marketing director, Taylor Starr at for more information. ]

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