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The Best Weed Games For Your Next Party

We know more than anyone how fun it can be to get a gaggle of stoners together in one room to share a bowl, or a joint, or a bong. It’s a bonding experience like no other. But sometimes instead of watching 5 hours of back-to-back Rick and Morty episodes, you might want to shake things up a bit. Get weird. And we don’t mean flipping over to Bob Ross instead. There are many better ways to enjoy some happy trees and even happier clouds. We’re talking WEED GAMES.

So set aside the remote, and put your game face on, literally. It’s time to light up the party with some killer weed games! 


Party Weed Game #1: Roll Up or Roll Out


Out of all of your friends, who’s most likely to become a professional joint roller? Yes, that is a job that exists. There’s only one way to find out. So pick out the seeds and stems, layout the papers and ROLL! No crutches allowed. The first person to light their joint (or blunt if that’s your style) is the lucky winner! The prize? Bragging rights. And you have our permission to put Joint-Rolling Master on your resume. We heard Snoop Dog might be hiring... 


Party Weed Game #2: Peace, Love, and Flower Power Hour


This one is a marathon, not a sprint. All you need is weed, a few friends and a timer. Set the timer for one hour and take a puff every sixty seconds. Lightweights beware, for this game is for the pros only. Plus, if you fall asleep before the hour is up, your friends have every right to embrace their inner artist with some sharpie face tats. Rules are rules. 


Party Weed Game #3: Unleash Your Inner Frat Star with Bong Pong


This one is a twist on the traditional drinking game for all of the super senior frat bros out there who want to finally put their five years of college education to good use. Each team of two will fill up 6-8 cups with water and try to get the ball in their opponent’s cups. Once you make a shot, your opponent takes a bong rip. Teams of two work best, but if you only have one friend, that’s okay. You and your mom will still have a grand old time. 


Party Weed Game #4: Bong in a Blitz


Ever offered a hit of a bowl to a friend and they torch the whole thing without batting an eye? First of all, that guy sucks. Second of all, he would be a great candidate for this game. Evenly pack one pipe or bong per person with the flower of your choosing. First-person to kick their bowl wins! To avoid nasty resin hits, we’d recommend cleaning your piece before this one. 


Party Weed Game #5: Trade Cash for Hash with Green Jack


This one is a twist of a traditional card game Black Jack that you probably learned how to play before you could ever legally step foot in a casino. The rules are similar to Black Jack. You want all of your cards to add up to 21 without going over. No more, no less. Except, a different kind of green is in the cards for the winners tonight. Talk about low risk, high reward. HIT ME!


Alas, these are only a few ways to roll the dice with some weed games. There’s plenty more where that came from. So have fun, friends and always celebrate responsibly.  

One step away from lighting up the party! 🥳🔥


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