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420 New Year's Eve Party Ideas

The holidays are coming to a close and tensions are running high as everyone sets their plans to avoid FOMO on the most highly anticipated night of the year, New Year’s Eve. If you opted-out of the boujee hotel soiree or a night on the town, you’re not alone. However, if you’re the least lazy person out of all of your stoner friends, then you’ve likely been nominated to throw a New Year’s Eve bash. Yup, it’s happening. 

Lucky for you, we have a few ideas to make your party a blast for cannabis enthusiasts, boozehounds and Sober Sallys alike. Follow our suggestions and come Jan 1, we guarantee that your guests will remember last year like it was yesterday. 


Choose your own adventure with an infused smorgasbord

When your guests walk through the door, let them decide how they want the night to play out with a variety of options. So friends, how do YOU want to start off the new year? 


  • RAGE RAGE RAGE: Sip on some Champagne with a little somethin’ extra. Ripple Dissolvables from Stillwater are flavorless powder packets with 10 blissful milligrams of THC in each serving. Stillwater claims the Pure 10 Ripple packets are perfect for “recapturing the vibrance of wasted youth.” How can you argue with that? 


  • Stoney Bologna: Keep the good times rollin’ with a classic New Year’s Eve snack that our friends in the south believe to be a symbol of good luck- Black Eyed Peas. Pair those with some lentils and a slice of Sweet Grass Cannabutter for a savory treat that will put Paula Dean’s buttery confections to shame. Separate the peas into individual servings for easy dosing, using the 10 milligram notches in the Cannabutter packaging as your guide. Fergie’s humps won’t be able to match the robust body high and full plant effect that’ll come with these Black Eyed Peas. 


  • ‘D,’ I don’t do drugs: Staying sober? More power to ya! (As long as you ‘A’ won’t have an attitude.) Instead of just awkwardly standing around wondering what to do with your hands, try a CBD infused mocktail. While everyone else is kicking off their year with a walk of shame, you can rock the morning-after with a Blueberry Morning Dew Mocktail. Mix one cup of fresh pureed blueberries with mint leaves, lime juice, club soda (or Sprite) with a drop of Arbor’s Blueberry Morning Dew Drop CBD tincture for some refreshing vibes.


There’s so much room for activities!! 

Once your friends pick their poison for the evening, have a few activities on deck that everyone will enjoy. Bring out your inner millennial with a new crowd-pleasing boardgame “What Do You Meme.” Chuckles are guaranteed, minimal brainpower required. There’s even a ‘Stoner Pack’ special expansion of the game that prompts you to match a card that reads something like “If you weigh 99 pounds and eat 1 pound of nachos, are you 1% nachos?” with the appropriate photo of a sloth or stoned celebrity who really really looks like they need some Illegal Pete’s queso pronto.  


For the party animals out there who want to RAGE RAGE RAGE without waking up the neighbors, rent some dope AF headphones from SoundDown Party for an epic silent disco in your own living room. (SoundDown only charges $10 a pair for a 24-hour rental!) You and your friends can agree to disagree on the night’s soundtrack with these headphones, as each pair comes with three different channels of music for your listening pleasure. You can be 100% that b!tch, hair tossin to Lizzo while your pal who just smoked two joints is vibing to Sublime, right before he smokes two more. 


Now for the moment every 12-year-old boy is waiting for- the ball drop. 

Before you pull up a video on YouTube of the ball dropping last year (since you ate too many Black Eyed Peas and lost track of time) don’t forget to light up the party. Ring in the new year with these delicious Champagne Buttercream Cupcakes, topped guessed it... a BirthJay.  Believe it or not, December 31st is the most popular day to purchase pre-rolled joints! So even if you totally botch the recipe, this will still be the best dessert any stoner could ask for. 


Blaze up those cupcakes with our 420 friendly candles at countdown, blow it out at midnight and before you know it, it’s time to get weird.

One step away from lighting up the party! 🥳🔥


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